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Little Dick Riding Zoo

AtomAngel on April 18, AtomAngel on April 19,1: VanishingFlower on April 20, I was just about to post Dic, it was on that site lol. VanishingFlower on April 16,5: Well at least it got posted.

Juzkill on April Ridinv,4: VanishingFlower on April 11,9: BTW Dildo hero forget too add but i love all your flashes there pretty cool Keep up the good work. Yeah, I saw that! I'm more annoyed by Little Dick Riding Zoo description though. AtomAngel on April 11, Fuck all those Little Dick Riding Zoo that don't like RockCandy's masterpieces!!! VanishingFlower on April 11,6: IDC who likes it or teen titan hentai game but he deserves his share of the credit.

AtomAngel on April 12,3: AtomAngel on April 9,5: Rock Candy it's me from NG You see you do inspire me. I think you should change your profile pic so Zu is raising her middle finger, it would be funny, and she would probably be pissed about all her stuff being rape. Keep up the great work! RockCandy on April 9,6: No, that's not like Zu at all. Why this pic is classic! Little Dick Riding Zoo

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I like your style. RockCandy on April 8,8: That's Didk to hear: I like catgirls more. Your avatar cracks me up n. So till' then, see Little Dick Riding Zoo RockCandy on April 6,6: Well, I don't think girl on girl action is very fun, nothing happens! And Zu having an orgy is Ridinb out of character Maybe Za or Ellie I dunno, or both.

Yo need to make a flash with one of your catgirls giving a tittyfuck, I dunno which catgirl or who they'd be giving the titfuck too though, its just an idea. RockCandy on March 30, Little Dick Riding Zoo not that much for titties. HarkanRebirth on March 29,8: Du har just blivit adad. Rockpoplock on March 23, Thanks for all your submissions, I made an account here just sex games ios I could watch you.

I'm really excited to see your next project! D Zu is a-ma-zing! P Nice work again and can't wait for more!!!!!! Glad you like Little Dick Riding Zoo animations! D I'm glad you like Zu too!

Zoo Riding Little Dick

ChronicFury on March 20,Littlr Do you think you could make more pictures with Zu? RockCandy on March 20, Duck, 7: Oh, sure, can do. Thank you, I'm glad you like them: I will post updates and stuff there! The-Herb-Kerby on March 14,3: Your flash is the bombbbbb! RockCandy on March 14,5: Glad breast expansion game like them!

The-Herb-Kerby on March 21,7: I used to be into flash a while ago myself, however, actionscript kills me! You wouldn't happen to know any tutorials or any tips I could check out, would you?

RockCandy on March 21, Little Dick Riding Zoo, 7: I can't actioscript either.

Zoo Riding Little Dick

I can just make the movie stop and make buttons. I've only furry sex animation for tutorials in swedish, so, no I found it hard Little Dick Riding Zoo learn with just tutorials. I wish I could have someone tell and show me how it works instead. The-Herb-Kerby on March 21,8: How do you make movie start and stop buttons?

Zoo Little Dick Riding

I don't Little Dick Riding Zoo Littlle how to make a button do anything once it's clicked, Just the over and click down animations, ya know? RockCandy on March 21,8: Well, it's kinda hard to explain without showing it But you have to actionscript it to make it work, with a "Go to and play" script.

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The-Herb-Kerby on March 21,9: I'll figure it out some day RockCandy on March 21,9: It's not that hard, if you use actionscript 2. But I suck at explaining things in english D:.

Zoo Riding Little Dick

The-Herb-Kerby on March 22,bestiality game Try explaining it in your native tongue, and I'll try using Google-Translator! That's the only way I can think of. If not it's no big deal, your artwork is still pretty kickass!

RockCandy on March 22,5: It's really hard to explain without pictures Little Dick Riding Zoo screenshots and so. I'll give it a try anyway; I'll translate it myself and fix the errors.

After you've made the button, find a little box called "Behaviors", or something. THat's all, I think I'll try it out, but like I said I'm a little rusty in Flash. I appreciate that porn games for your phone a great artist such as yourself would help out a small time artist like myself! RockCandy Dikc Little Dick Riding Zoo 22,6: I don't see myself as a great artist, but thanks!

Riding Little Zoo Dick

The-Herb-Kerby on March 22,8: Hey, Little Dick Riding Zoo you know how to make load screens for before the move starts? I noticed you had a decent load screen for your Zu triple demo very sexy, btw. RockCandy on March 22,8: I have no idea how you make a preloader. Exhorder does all the actionscripting. I only know how to make simple buttons. I see, well I'll shinobi girl hentai you know how my buttons turn out after I use flash when I have time.

Does Exhorder have an account on here? I would love to check out some of more of these fine artworks! Nope, he doesn't make much H-stuff on his own. I draw, and he colours it! Hey I tried out your advice and I did get the button to work!

However, when I applied the go-to-and-stop thing to the beginning, where i put the button I kept getting an error that said Bikini-hopping number of parameters; gotoAndStop requires between 1 and 2. RockCandy on March 23,1: Little Dick Riding Zoo you sure Little Dick Riding Zoo selected the frame, and not the button?

Riding Little Zoo Dick

Little Dick Riding Zoo on February 20,3: Patchie on March 9,4: Can you have the horse penatrate her Vagina I would really like girl stripping games see that. Dont get me wrong anal is awesome but I think it would just be cool to see that you know? RockCandy on March 9,4: Yea, I'm going to have vaginal as an option, just for this flash.

Heavenlyfire on March 10,9: I would say deep throat should be an option lol. DearSfan31 on February 26,4: Dude you rock SOOO hard. RockCandy on February 15,5: Will0Whisper on February 13,8: RockCandy on February 13,9: MandoSoldier on January 30, RockCandy on January 18,7: I've already told ya, it may take a year to get it done.

DearSfan31 on February 19,4: Hedrah on February 7,4: Little Dick Riding Zoo on February Little Dick Riding Zoo,5: Hedrah on February 8,5: RockCandy on February 8,5: Hedrah on February 8,8: RockCandy on February 8,6: SonderlingV on January 18,2: I am bulging with impatient fluids! Zlicer on January 8, Haayyyy I love your work i Just got free computer sex games it today and it's nice that you got a character slot in Zetar's flash game!

It's nice to see so many great flash games at once! RockCandy on January 8, I'm glad you like my flashes! Zlicer on January 9,7: I know I will! RockCandy on Little Dick Riding Zoo 9,8: Bakki on January 1,9: RockCandy on January 1,9: Bakki on January 2,7: RockCandy on January 2,7: Well, it's going to take very long time to get done with Zu Triple Bakki on January 3,6: RockCandy on January 3,6: A week I think Maybe less maybe more.

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Little Dick Riding Zoo on December 27,2: RockCandy on December 29,6: I'm glad you like my stuff! Maybe you didn't notice, Litttle there is some blood coming out when you penetrate her!

She is a "virgin" until you pop her cherry in Zu Triple. She has only been butt-fucked before! Dreygoth on December 29,2: RockCandy on Little 29,7: Well, that's because they want to humiliate her as much as possible! I need to talk with about some things. Can naked boob games send me a mail?

Riding Little Zoo Dick

Little Dick Riding Zoo can see it in my profile. NoYB on December 17,7: Are all of your animations going to be rape? Or will you, at one Dico, make one or Rdiing animation s where they have consensual sex? RockCandy on December 17, porn games hacked, 7: No, not all of them, I will make some non-rape flashes, but most of my flashes will be rape-flashes.

Dude you are awesome, and Lithle Little Dick Riding Zoo be awesome myself so I need to know how exactly did you became awesome? If it's not a secret of course: RockCandy on December 6,7: With some help from friends and years of practice I became as good as I am today. I hope I didn't disappoint with this answer, but that's my background It's just you are really good animation, it's hard to believe that you don't have a degree in animation or something like that!

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Any ways, you have a great skills, please keep up making those awesome games!!!! I wish I could take flash lessons or something, so I can become lois griffin sexsim better Take your time, and know that you have a new fan!

Ridinh on December 6, RockCandy on December 6,6: Post comments, I guess. Viper90 on December 7,9: I actually joined for other reasons. RockCandy on December 7,6: Viper90 on December 8,6: Ask me on NG Little Dick Riding Zoo you want.

Riding Zoo Dick Little

RockCandy on December 8,6: I knew you didn't want to answer here xD. RockCandy on November 28, Maid Blowjob, 6: Ridint, I have a lot Little Dick Riding Zoo other stuff planned, but I've thought about making a flash with all 4 of them.

Dick Zoo Little Riding

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Zoo Riding Little Dick

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Zoo Riding Little Dick

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Zoo Riding Little Dick

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Riding Little Zoo Dick

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Riding Little Zoo Dick

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Dick Zoo Little Riding

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Little Dick Riding Zoo

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Riding Little Zoo Dick

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Dick Riding Zoo Little

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Dick Zoo Little Riding

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Riding Little Zoo Dick Dick sucking game
Game - Little Dick Riding Zoo. This is Rock Candy's Halloween Project , but it's re-skinned. Zoo has to deliver some food to Ellie. She puts on red hood and.


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