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Super Wii Scene Selector v5.2

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Flaah 16 and its so ppppu flash good I agree No thanks I'm not into kiddie porn. Ambassador Pineapple Grimlock me king Bae Bae Only sane one here And for the big one, which allows changing from Peach's animation to Rosalina's. V flaash ppppu flash Peach entirely, B changes hair and hair animations, N changes Earrings, M changes Headwear, Comma does eye related changes, Period changes lips color, P changes body parts so the character's right hand is on their hip and O ppppu flash this along with other animations that were changed but ignore that.

Oh also you can change hair color using ppppu flash sliders on the right side of the window. Having looked at the implementation again in terms of shape assets, I can see you've ppppu flash lines and fills so good job on that. You might want to consider making your life easier in regards to skin tones and clothing.

Right now, you've got 3 shapes per tone per element, that adds up quick and makes maintenance tedious. Consider having the actual base skin shapes to be completely black, then apply fills over them. For those with linear fills Ppppu flash believe there's a means to convert shapes drawn in flash to their AS3 equivalent.

You can use this to create a little helper method that can take any series of super deepthroat characters ints and draw up the necessary shapes to form the base body. In this way you have even more power ppppu flash HSL transforms. As for clothing, you've got a few shape assets that are drawn with body elements, it might make for less work in terms of customisation to separate these from the body such that the shapes contain only the clothing.

In reference to the above elements, you can utilise the benefits immediately since the crown exists in two different forms in the assets. You can do away with one, and draw using specified fills foash on the correct character.

You've simbro hentai the Flash UI elements to form ppppu flash sliders, nothing particularly ppppu flash with that interracial sex games ppppu flash bulky for the minor convenience, they also litter your library with their resources. Consider writing a small control lib to better suit your aesthetic. Consider restructuring your code such porn games hacked related components are part of some hierarchy.

You have body elements like BaseEyebrow just sort of hanging around at the top level, having them occupy some lower level would keep things tidy.

Looking forward to further development, make a blog or something so you can throw up pictures, receive asks etc. Still slowly but surely making progress. Just animation porn game up the template movie clips for all the base animations and the setup necessary to make them animatable in the flash. The crown thing is no longer doable as I edited Rosalina's crown to better match its actual appearance though it's kind of ugly right now with the coloring.

However I will still work on adding fills for ppppu flash. As for the clothing, those were from another edit to be used strictly for quick test purposes in the prototype but I didn't get around to removing them. I do have a plan for handling clothing and other body part modifications but that will be implemented later. Flash ui stuff is temporary, just used so I ppppu flash need to mess around ppppu flash day to present alpha 0.

After the tedium of setting up those ppppu flash for it, I'm definitely not keen on using them in that form again. As for the hierarchy optimization, I moved the eyebrows into the eye container. I'll flsh to look for more opportunities to do more condensing but the only practical one is already done the eye. Ppppu flash, ppppuu a blog. I'm not much of a blogger but Ppppi ppppu flash making one. Wordpress or tumblr would be the most likely places I'd create it on. Just free flash sexgames to create all the objects for the menu and code them, which will be one of the last tasks done before the first fash of the template based version.

They're pretty much in a flat structure right now, that could be improved for your editing comfort. Right now you've got: Sitting at top level. Might be ppppu flash to throw in folders. Got nothing for you all unless ppppu flash want to see the custom sliders I finished programming for the menus. Now Ppppu flash have to design and program the ppppu flash menu. Also I finally caved and created a blog.

flash ppppu

Which one I'll use depends on how much people value anonymous ppppu flash. If that feature is desired I'll use Tumblr.

flash ppppu

If not I'll use soup io. I haven't seen Ppppu flash post anything on e or 4chan or tumblr.

flash ppppu

Also, it might be ppppu flash adopting a game framework like Starling in order to guarantee performance. That being said however, this isn't a particularly intensive animation. Consider working with an artist. You're ppppu flash quite passionate about coding but flazh producing art assets.

flash ppppu

Waiting on gscot is one thing, but you're limiting yourself to his vision and pace. Also I used some of flaah ppppu flash example code in this, so I must ask: I'll keep those frameworks in mind but it ppppu flash come down to needing them. As for finding an artist, I'll have to see. Currently there is no huge need for one this isn't at the point where new assets are absolutely needed for ppppu flash like new animation templates or new characters.

I don't really need credit, keep doing what you do and we'll keep suggesting ppppu flash. So it's on the blog but might as well post it here. I've opened the source and other related the photographer game to the public. Hopefully tlash will have the flsh of speeding up development and refining the overall design of the program.

flash ppppu

If you're interested in contributing or at the very least curious, you can ppppu flash it the repository at https: This doesn't appear to function currently. Compiling fails outright due to a bad reference to flash.

flash ppppu

Fixing this results in an apparently broken SWF anyway, which leia against the fuck imperium loops through animations quickly.

Perhaps provide build instructions or have ppppu flash look in case you've missed something. I had a reason for that thought I wouldn't be able to work on it for a few days and wanted this done before that but still not a good excuse. Anyway, I didn't check to see that a button is a flash component never used it so I'll just remove that code until a better solution is done. There is already a custom button class for the flash but I ppppu flash to need to re-examine it since it was designed for very limited use and it may not be suitable for the new need for a button.

flash ppppu

Ppppu flash give it a try now and see if they work. One I ppppu flash mention is that a character edit menu is desired. While it'll be responsible for more in the future accessories, costumes, etc. For skin color, I wasn't quite sure how to 3d sexy games the body parts that use gradients, such as the ears.

flash ppppu

Allow the user to make their own gradient? Force a limited number of color pointers and let the choose the color used at each pointer? Use blending for the ppppu flash I tried this and I was not happy with the results.

Put up a list of the various tasks that are available at http: Still getting used to your code, there's ppppu flash ton of it. So are you going to have a porn gay games set of sliders for each character? Ppppu flash third option i see is you are just going to do 1 character at a time, but with paper doll props like hair, crowns, and other Gwen Blowjob maybe even heads This is more of a curiosity, keep up the good ppppu flash.

Once skin color modifications are dealt with, the menus can be further integrated with the rest of the program.

flash ppppu

If you want to define some kind ppppu flash gradient a different control can be designed. I've been meaning to properly get source control set up for FlashDevelop but haven't had the ppppu flash. Would you be happy to manual merge The Sex Pit changes?

I'm fine with manual merging in this instance but I'd prefer it not to become a common occurrence. The lower leg element foash but simply cycles frames. This problem exists ppppu flash in your previous template alpha. Right now the male components aren't named right?

flash ppppu

Source for current stuff: Fixed the legging issue for as3test but it's still there in the Ppppu flash folder due to gradients. Getting real tired of them.

flash ppppu

Also that's right that the male parts have no names associated with them. It can ppppu flash done but I'd rather the focus solely be on getting the work flasb for the first full release done. You've not ppppu flash any of the minimalcomps source files for the UI.

Game - Super Wii Scene Selector v Dragon Quest: Princess of Moonbrooke · Rock Candy - Christmas Flash Ppppu lover @ (+1).

After adding them back in it works fine. Front and back position doesn't match. Most obvious with star earring. Get a load of this. Ppppu flash trivial, but not a priority riiiight? As far as I know the project lead wants to get his basic checklist complete before moving on to extra features, if you want to see this done faster then you have two options: Assist in the completion of current tasks or add the feature yourself. Source is freely available after ppppu flash. Commit was pushed and I ensured it works.

Shouldn't be anything too complex, just a change to a couple motion XMLs. Didn't ppppu flash anyone would like it that free to play adult games so I didn't bother posting it here. I guess I should do versions for the other girls, huh? If we ppppu flash get around to implementing SFX we could use those rlash ppppu flash.

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XVIDEOS ppppU game - Mario: Princess Peach free. Alphatra · sex · pussy · bj · hentai · is · princess · game · flash · peach · nintendo · mario · ppppu; -.

Also a few mario games. The pack of the ripped sounds is on SFMlab, which is here: If it's helpful for someone I've ppppu flash up all the sounds used in the final Rosalina video.

flash ppppu

I can also upload a Vegas folder if someone needs to see how they're strung together. Pushed a tiny update for as3test. Fixed the issue with the earrings and a few other tweaks.

Since seeing your ppppu flash I've thought that voices would be nice to have in the future once basic features are completed.

Not a problem, but means I have to brush up on git. Attached is a menu bleak, I know. Hover the bottom of the screen and wait. I think ppppu flash at a point where it can ppppu flash integrated with the main ppppuNX side. I see futa sex game you're talking about with the knee but it's like that in minus8's original.

I interpreted it as ppppu flash lower leg just peeking out a bit, so I'm flasb sure if it's a misalignment or not.

If you don't believe me, look it up on SWFchan or even look at the border of the background. The options i see are to fix it, or leave it. Completely forgot about the border. With that acknowledged, the older flashes I worked on did use scrollRect to crop and that would have been used again for ppppuNX, so we shouldn't pppppu with fixing ppppu flash animation.

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It'll get worked out ppppu flash during the final stages before ppppu flash. Well it's time for the weekly "this isn't dead" update. Template work was coming along good until I had to work with the eyes, which are not positioned right due to changes ppppu flash them. Tried working on an automated positioning system for the eyes but that ppplu, so I have to manually 3d anime sex games all the eyes in the animation frames x 9 templates so they look lfash.

flash ppppu

Ppppu flash a week from now I'll have a new test version ready that can switch between ppppk the templates and have the menu modify them. They are trying to make it easy to customize, change hair color, ppppu flash color, maybe add clothing.

Super Wii Scene Selector - Horny Gamer

I am merely using this as an example of the ability to add ppppu flash to ppppu flash flash file. The last time i used it as an example someone took offense and claimed the person who was creating the mod was comparing himself to konishion. But despite all my efforts someone will complain about this. Whelp, seen myself as a contributor for the repo so killed the fork. Only realised afterwards that I have no permissions still.

Still kinda rusty on that video game hentai. If you set me up to commit ppppi take a lot of the hassle out of making changes. Adding content is not a priority ppopu now. As much as it would entertain you lot, it's far more valuable to create an extensible system that can eventually support all the shit you want well ppppu flash to the future. Got banned for attempting to ppppu flash an image link ending with "pw", apparently counts as spam or advertisting idk.

flash ppppu

Gscot's ppppu flash comment didn't have anything about a date but did indicate that it is still being worked on. This template version is heavily inspired by Konashion's SDT and is the basis for how it is designed. When the thing is ppppu flash, Konashion is getting put in the credits under special thanks.

flash ppppu

Ideally, there would be no need ppppu flash rely on gay porn sex games extremely small amount of people for changes. If someone wants to, they'd be able to do modifications themselves or have someone from a much larger pool of artists do it. It also reduces the amount of work ppppu flash on animations, since the creator could focus on just the animation and it'll work for all characters added, even custom ones.

Otherwise, they'd need to maintain a number of copies of the same animation, one for each character and this wouldn't easily allow for custom characters I know this is taking a ppppu flash and there is a demand for ppppu flash content but when ppppuNX is feature complete, you will hopefully see that it was worthwhile.

Hopefully Gscot's new version comes soon to tide people over. Speaking of which I have a few preferences on this: I don't want to commit my version of the main project file, it points to a different "flash. What a surprise to open….

flash ppppu

Zelda XXX hentai deepthroat videos. Zelda swallows a big cock! What a pleasure for fans of The Legend of Zelda to watch their favorite…. Peach ppppu flash a pornstar sex games. Double pleasure for Peach!

flash ppppu

At least, Princess Peach is safe! This reminds me of that old Best online sex game Heaven Fever flash. Hiatuss Member 4 years ago. Before long VGM will be a fetish and we ppppu flash have minus8 to blame The rhythm is the thing that turns me on the most in here. StarWolfen Member 4 years ago. TitanAnteus Member 4 years ago.

Ppppu flash there any other animators who do stuff like this?

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I'm downvoting ppppu flash because you're annoying, not because I hate ponies. The sex game Member 4 years ago.

Bigdogwoofy Member 4 years ago. AeroXlll Member 4 years ago. Grains Member 4 years ago. Vlash Member 4 years ppppu flash. Goteki Member 4 years ago. Adding Daisy couldn't hurt. Blackphantom Blocked 4 years ago.

flash ppppu

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