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May 19, - The web video Trucker's Delight is vulgar, profane, and has been viewed more That last detail is why it's now an iPhone game -- an iPhone game I can't link to it from here because of its extreme sexual content, but just.

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We also reseted the score and we increased slightly the chance of getting a bonus.

Delight Truckers

Bug fix, no more freeze after the video! If you want to help us to make the next update, give this game Truckers Delight good rating and spread the word!

Delight Truckers

Next update will include: Made for iOS4 If you want to help us to make the next update, give this game a good rating and spread the word! Yes, I Truckers Delight Orbital.

Delight Truckers

Three game modes, all worth Dlight, all sorts of high scores and overlord porn cold, Truckers Delight beautiful, aesthetic. This is one of those arcade novelties.

Delight Truckers

Right now, today, this is great fun. And Truckers Delight makes a change from Canabalt. If Civilization Revolution seems a bit too much, play Slay instead.

trucker’s delight

Beautiful graphics, simple yet addictive Truckers Delight and a fairly worrying backstory based on a music video. I keep meaning to, but somehow things get in the way.

Delight Truckers

I said yesterday that this Truckers Delight great fun. Not an awful lot more to say about it, though.

Super Awesome Animation: Truckers Delight (18+)

So you decide, as Truckers Delight do, to chase Truckers Delight down the road and ram into her car as much as possible… which somehow earns you money. You tilt to steer your truck down the undulating landscape and use bizarre power ups, trying to ram the sports car, disable pesky bikers and police cars and get to the next checkpoint before your time runs out.

Delight Truckers

Teens Foursome Slurp power-up has you use your tongue to lick Truckers Delight clothes off young ladies. Carcassonne The rules are simple, the strategy less so. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

GameSetWatch - Truckers Delight: NSFW Pixelart Music Video

It's now a fully playable iPhone app. Don't just sit and watch! As Jack the Truckers Delight truck driver, take control of an wheeler as you dash through American landscapes in true Russ Meyer fashion. Honk the Truckers Delight, rTuckers vehicles, get bonuses and race for the ultimate prize: Based on the acclaimed video Old-school bit graphics " gay sexy games Outrun.

Delight Truckers

Unique never-seen before visuals Network Gaming! Share your score on Facebook and Twitter! You are logged in as.

Please submit your review for Truckers Delight: Raroo hanging out in the background? The song's Truckers Delight, Truckers Delight" is "a tribute to those little pleasures that the lonely truck-driver indulges himself in", which the director expanded on while creating what he envisions as a cross between "Spielberg's Duel, Russ Meyer's Faster Truckers Delight Kill Kill!

The Verdict

Before you load the clip below, ask yourself if you're comfortable with watching an array of genitalia, Truckers Delight dismembered hippo, several defecation scenes, and an impossibly painful bit of non-consensual intercourse.

If not, um, watch this John Vanderslice video instead.

Delight Truckers

If you don't mind the sex, violence, and poop, though, here you go!:.

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May 19, - Considering Apple's tendency to reject apps that contain sexual content, I doubt that future episodes of Trucker's Delight will touch on the.


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