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May 14, - [ATTACH] Synopsis: Visiting Aunt Sara is the story of Jeff, a horny college kid, spending the day with his sexy Aunt. "The game has a solid amount of content right now, but I don't want to release anything but a full experience.

Porn Game: Visiting Aunt Sara - V1.13 Win/Mac by NLT Media sarah visiting aunt

Click on the newspaper Use Lighter 3. Click on the fire Use Bucket of Water 2. Click on the plant Right Random CG: Click on the picture portrait Upstairs - Aunt Sara's bathroom Card 6: Click on the plant Left Upstairs - Synthia's room Card 2: Infront of closet Upstairs - Zach's room Card 4: Be on top of the bed pillow vksiting Backyard: On top of the big plant south of the water pump Card 1: Left side of the outer backyard Brown looking card Card 5: Right side of the outer backyard Visiting aunt sarah looking card Downstairs - Visiting aunt sarah area Card 3: I tried all of the numbers for the third one.

sarah visiting aunt

Right after mom calls aunt Sara,the game visiting aunt sarah Someone else have this bug? The game crashes all time!!! Does anyone have the same problem with crash? I like this game. Much better than other games that just display pictures.

aunt sarah visiting

Are there any more like this one? RedKingMay 14, May 14, 2. May 14, 3.

aunt sarah visiting

At least for this first project. I'll release an early beta first to top tier supporters and the final polished game shortly after.

aunt sarah visiting

May 14, 4. Some Hints or Walkthrought?

sarah visiting aunt

DavidreiterMay 14, May 14, 5. No there is no Walkthrough.

aunt sarah visiting

May 14, 6. May 14, 7. Anyone know when it ends?

aunt sarah visiting

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Platform: Windows/Mac This game offers a FULL experience, it's NOT a partially completed game. However I still consider it early access because I am the only.


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